A large number of families in Ireland are struggling with Debt and the growth of businesses has been hampered by excessive repayments of property loans. Everyone wants a solution to their debts and need help with negotiating with banks and creditors. If you have debts you need to start by getting professional advice, which will explain your legal obligations and financial options.


Fiducial’s Mediation Division have a unique approach to this stressful problem. We engage the diverse skills of three separate professionals to work as a team on your case and devise a balanced longterm solution.


Qualified Accountants ACCA


To assess your personal or business situation and establish how much you can afford to pay on your loans and commitments.


Qualified Financial Advisor QFA


Will analyze and stress test your loans and debts as well as projecting the cost, terms and repayment capacity before making a restructuring proposal that is affordable and sustainable.


Qualified Mediators MMI


With professional backgrounds in financial services, accounting and social sciences, a mediation team can be appointed to liaise independently between borrowers and banks to arrive at a viable solution. This process evaluates and balances the financial parameters with the human and emotional impacts involved in financial conflicts.


Independent Findings


The findings of this financial mediation process, are independent and can be relied upon by the bank, borrower or advisers, as an independent and impartial assessment of a financial conflict.

Advice on personal Insolvency Act


- Personal Insolvency Arrangements (P.I.A)

- Debt Settlement Arrangements (D.S.A)

- Debt Relief Notices (D.R.N)


Most cases are resolved without recourse to the formal arrangements above, but we can also act as your Qualified Financial Advisor in conjunction with a solicitor, accountant, or Personal Insolvency Trustee (P.I.T) to bring about a judicial settlement, under the provisions of the Insolvency Act 2012


The insolvency process is both technical and complicated and requires professional guidance.


Contact the qualified professionals today.


We may also act as mediators between you, your financial advisors and your bank, to quantify and complete your formal arrangements. 



“The stress from bank phone calls and letters was just intolerable. The consultants were understanding and explained all the options. Our situation was a right mess. Personal finances all mixed up with property and business. We got a resolution that we never thought was possible, we’ve been given our lives back”


Eddie & Nora, Galway



You are not alone.          Help is at hand.          From Fiducial.

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Fiducial engages Qualified Accountants and Financial Advisors to provide fee based Financial Consultancy. Fiducial is not a Mortgage, Insurance or Pension product seller. Financial, Insurance or Pension products are arranged through MB Planning Ltd. trading as Clear Financial. Registered in Ireland No. 494837.Registered Address: Brookfield House, Carrigeen, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. MB Planning Ltd. trading as Clear Financial is regulated by Central Bank of Ireland.